“El m-a ocrotit” – “He Hideth  My Soul” – this is a project  that we developed in July 2020, after Daniel Craciun, the President of Charity and Humanitarian Support Association  released his second music disc in March, right before Covid started. The album is entitled “He hideth my soul”, and it has a collection of hymns, one of them being the well known hymn “He hideth my soul”. In Romanian translation, the title for this song is translated “He protected me”, so we decided to have a music tour with evangelistic programs with this motto, for the non Christian communities and also poor communities. After the religious program, the people were offer a food package and something sweet for the kids. It was a blessing time for both parts and we were glad to be able to share the gospel and the love of God through our music. We will certainly want to develop again this project, now that the pandemic is over here in Romania and there are no restrictions.

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